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Similar to Jugyeong, the manhwa can somehow paint over some of its flaws in bright colors, which readers can glean later as the story progresses. One great thing about webtoons is the vast array of popular genres. Whether you’re a webtoon newbie here for a sniff or a manhwa enjoyer looking for another story to binge-scroll on, here is a complete list of the best manhwa. Check this detailed list of the best manhwas that led Hallyu Wave 3.0. Tower of God tells the story of Twenty-Fifth Bam, a boy trapped beneath a strange Tower who is trying to find his best friend, Rachel.
The winner will receive anything they want from the host corporation — a corporation that may or may not be plotting something beyond Mori’s wildest imagination. With lovable characters, a well-developed world and magic system, and plenty of kick-ass action scenes, this manhwa is sure to hit the spot for those of you looking for your next binge-able read. Part of what defines the Korean manhwa, apart from being read left-to-right like in English and the frequent use of vibrant colors, is the emphasis on online publications. Manhwa’s boom in the 2010s came hand in hand with the rise of free online comic-sharing sites like LINE Webtoon and Lezhin. Today, there are over 15 million daily readers on the LINE app alone, and “webtoon” has become a catch-all term for online comics produced both by well-known artists and users themselves.
These titles usually have authors and artists that are Korean, and/or were first published in Korea. Popular artist Kim Yong-hwan started Korea’s first comic magazine, Manhwa Haengjin, in 1948,[15] but it was quickly shut down because the authorities disapproved of the cover. Even after almost 400 chapters in the main story, now the creators have focused on side stories. Readers will find it easy to dive into this universe just like they would do with any fantasy franchise.
When portals that connect the human and monster worlds begin to appear, a portion of humanity (known as hunters) starts to develop superhuman powers to preserve the balance of the world. Sung Jin-Woo, the protagonist of Solo Leveling, has the lowest and weakest rank of all; yet he finds himself trapped in a dungeon and must fight together with his companions to escape. But that’s not all — Jin-woo’s powers have not reached their full potential just yet, making this a particularly addictive take on the classic hero’s journey.
The manhwa is about Sung Jinwoo, a rank E hunter dubbed as ‘humanity’s weakest.’ Jinwoo climbs up the strength ladder and becomes humanity’s hope. While SIU isn’t exactly Eiichiro Oda, the massive world-building integrated into the storyline is reminiscent of One Piece. And the plotlines are well-written and, most importantly, resolved. Every fighting chapter is well-made, with combat scenes executed well. But what separates TGOH from the beloved old anime is the introduction of borrowed powers from the world’s known supernatural beings.
Upon befriending the in-game AI elves, he’s given an unprecedented quest that only he can fulfil. With its colorful visuals and lighthearted content, this one is a real happy-pill of a read, served with a side of action. Whoever said that vampire stories are going out of style clearly haven’t come across Noblesse by Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee.
Hyun Cha is depressed and suicidal, having gone through traumatic high school years and subsequently losing his family in an accident. If this isn’t sad enough, Hyun’s world goes through a “monsterization” apocalypse. Circumstances, of course, won’t let him, so he decides to show off his power and claim the school’s throne. She forms an unlikely relationship with two of the most popular boys in the school, and yes, of course, they’re K-Pop handsome. She uses her newfound skills to change her life, transforming herself into a famous, attractive beauty. When God’s Tombs – ancient divine artifacts that grant superpowers – start appearing everywhere on Earth, collectors from all over the world race against each other to find them first.
She recalled the past ten years of her life and feels remorseful for how she lived up until being framed by the emperor. Instead of being executed, however, Amber is teleported back to her 20-year-old self on the day of her wedding. The idea of an arranged marriage is one of the most popular romance tropes around.
And if you’re a fan of anime, there’s an excellent adaptation available with an equally excellent original soundtrack. Originally published as a web novel and later serialized, the wildly popular take on the hero origin story by the name of Solo Leveling (Only I Level Up) is beloved for good reason. This highly addictive supernatural monster-slaying tale offers both mystery and intrigue in tandem with complex worldbuilding and an endlessly unpredictable plot. It’s hardly a wonder that this has been booked for webtoon, game, and drama adaptations.
Webtoons or manhwa, the Korean counterpart of manga, have finally earned their place in the comic echelons, a spot dominated by Western comic artists and Japanese mangakas. This gem of a manhwa is one of the longest-running manhwa out there. Anyone who has watched the anime and wants to know more about Bam’s story should read it.
Here’s a manhwa all about fighting, where the main characters talk less and fight more. It’s a story about Yeon-woo, who inherits a hidden diary from his dead twin brother. And any journal that starts with “By the time you hear this, I guess I will be already dead….” is an ominous one. อ่านมังงะ LMS is a distinct take on a popular “game isekai” subgenre, led by an offbeat set of main characters in an in-game world any reader and gamer would want to adventure in themselves. The physical form in which we’re most used to seeing manga is that of the paperback volume called tankōbon, which collects several chapters previously published in magazines.
Despite everything, the two have put their friendship first; or at least until Yuna decides that it might finally be time to move on. The balance is thrown, and the two have to ask themselves where to draw the line between friendship and something else. Dallae is a wholesome manhwa about cats and lost high school loves — a perfect palate cleanser between martial art and vampires. And Choonae certainly knows how to deliver both cuteness overload and punches to the heart in rapid succession. On the other side of the manhwa spectrum, we have dark suspense stories like Hive by Kyusam Kim.
It’s much more than that; it’s a thriller that will silently drive you off your seat. The memoir details the mystical experiences of his twin brother Jeong-woo as a ‘ranker’ in the Obelisk or the Tower of the Sun God. You can announce this in webtoon forums, and almost everyone will nod, agree, and gush about it. With a set of skills not even the readers can anticipate, Weed embarks on a trail towards domination and riches, leaving behind corpses of enemies. A beautiful tale about human connection, The Horizon documents the journey of a boy and a girl who have found each other in a world ravaged by war.
The first season starts off with Jihan Han, a normal high school student who, instead of being drawn into a game, discovers that his own world is taking on video-game qualities. The 2010 romantic drama Cheese In the Trap is among the OG legends of webtoons, and it’s continuing to touch the hearts of millions of readers year after year. And if you won’t take it from us, then know that this evergreen story has seen both a movie adaptation and a live-action drama. The readability and left-to-right orientation of manhwa contributed to its growing popularity, as did the realism of the characters and the combination of Eastern and Western styles and mythologies. It doesn’t create a complex new world like other manhwa do, but it still puts a twist on a regular high-school romance.
Manhwas are now almost exclusively published and read in this format, continously exploring new creative horizons. The term “Webtoon” (웹툰) is a portmanteau of the Korean words 웹 meaning web and 카툰 meaning cartoon. Heesu has a secret crush on his best friend Chanyeong, and he knows it’ll never be returned.

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